Al Kobaisi Readymix is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It has three fully computerised German technology batching plants with a capacity of producing 2000m3 per 8-hour shift, operated by qualified and trained technicians. The plant incorporates a number of large storage silos for adequate and controlled storage of materials


Al Kobaisi Readymix has its own quality assurance department with sophisticated equipment and qualified technical staff. This department is responsible for inspection and administration of testing programs to ensure compliance with requirement of authorities.

The Al Kobaisi laboratories, one at each of our plants, carry out stringent tests on concrete and on constituent raw materials. Concrete mixes of various grades are designed in the laboratory as per established procedures to comply with BS and ASTM specifications.

The quality assurance systems and procedures implemented by Al Kobaisi Readymix monitor every stage of the business process, right from the processing of orders, purchase and control of materials, concrete mix design to production, sales and delivery. Clients and customers can ascertain the concrete received has the designed compressive strength as cubes are cast at the plant as well as on-site. Scientifically designed mixes ensure better durability of structures. Slump is immediately tested after the production and at the time of pour to control workability.


Al Kobaisi Readymix endeavours to provide our customers timely and personalized service to their satisfaction. We strive to guide customers through the proper quality of readymix necessary to see their projects through completion.

Al Kobaisi Readymix seek to educate clients by explaining the necessary precautions to take achieving the best strength of the concrete, such as proper leak proof shuttering, proper vibration, safeguard concrete from extreme temperatures and providing proper curing among many more.

SN Mix Cement Aggregate
1 50OPC 420kg 10/20mm
2 45SRC 390kg 10/20mm
3 45OPC 370kg 10/20mm
4 35SRC 350kg 10/20mm
5 35OPC 350kg 10/20mm
6 30SRC 350kg 10/20mm
7 25SRC 310kg 10/20mm
8 25OPC 290kg 10/20mm
9 20SRC 250kg 10/20mm

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